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You can choose among six available sidebar layout.

1. No Sidebar

Some of you maybe not wanting any sidebar. Because no sidebar means better to be viewed in small screen, namely Phone Cell. You can still use widgets in the footer area.

2.  Sidebar 1 (Right)

This one is very common among blogger. Not only one column, but there’s wide column in top of double narrow column.  If you just want one column sidebar, fill in your desired widgets only in sidebar_right_wide. If you want two column sidebar, fill in your widgets in sidebar_right_narrow_1 and sidebar_right_narrow_2.

3. Sidebar 2 (Right)

Does the same as Sidebar 1 but the wide sidebar in the bottom of double narrow sidebar.

4. Sidebar 3 (Left)

Does the same as Sidebar 1 but the position is left.

5. Sidebar 4 (Left)

Does the same as Sidebar 3 but the position is left.

6. Right and Left Sidebar or Holy Grail

There are one left sidebar and one right  sidebar. The width are the same as Narrow Sidebar.

The good of calotropis is every sidebars actually come after the body. Even tough the left sidebar is displayed in the left of the body, the source code are come after the body. This feature is very good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enthusiast who wants to have left sidebar.

We employ some CSS tricks to make the left sidebar displayed in the left, although actually they come after the main body.

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  • Litahni says:

    I have a couple of things.
    1. How do I eliminate the “comments” on the “pages” in my site? (the check box is there on the “Blog” page but not on the “pages” edits

    2. How do I get the navigation to show up in the top bar instead of on the side??

    I am a rookie…I also have not figured out how to load pictures in where all the lovely Blue boxes are now.


    • itx says:

      1. go to your “page edit” page then uncheck Allow comments.

      2. the navigation is always on top. i don’t know what you mean

      3. go to your “post-edit” page. on the right you’ll see “Set featured image”. click it!

  • Phillip Ross says:

    Aack! I’m trying to do the most simple thing: change the size of the h1 font in the header for the default color. The CSS tag is:

    #header h1 {font-size: 3.5em;}

    but I cannot find the file in which this is contained or generated.

    Please advise.

    • itx says:

      go to calotropis theme options > header
      scroll down and change the Blog Title font size.

  • Phillip Ross says:

    That was too easy. I was looking through the CSS files. Thanks. And this is a great theme!

  • Eric says:

    Love this theme! Thanks for it.

    How can I have different layouts for specific pages? I want the side bar on some pages but not all.

  • Eric says:

    yes. twenty-ten (wordpress 3.x default) has a way to select the layout on each page. Thanks.

  • Eric says:

    I’d be satisfied if you could show me how to do it in PHP code too. I just couldn’t figure out how to do it yet.

  • Eric says:

    Thanks for the link.

    With twenty-ten, you can choose the layout of each page in the page editor, independently.

    For example: on the home page I like the two column layout, while on another page I may not want sidebar showing so the content can be full width. Every page can have a different column layout.

    In your system, you we can choose a column layout for front and single page, which is good. however, every non-front page has the same column layout.

    It would be nicer if I can set the column layout for every page, independently.

    It’s my wish list item. Otherwise, great job. This is my favorite theme.

    • itx says:

      yes. that thing is achieved with page templates. in twenty ten there’s a page template called “no-sidebar” with filename: onecolumn-page.php.

      make your custom page template and don’t call the sidebar.

    • Jim says:

      I agree that including different page templates, or at least a “no sidebar” template, would make this theme much more complete. Thanks!

  • Eric says:

    BTW, on the sidebar menu items, I can’t figure out where to adjust the font-size. Is it in default.css?

  • Ahui says:

    can i edit the footer? if can, how to do?
    thanks before…..

  • Mariana says:

    This is a great theme, I am using it for my site. How can I change the font size for the posts? Thanks in advance!

  • Clay Chaplin says:

    How can I reorder or delete blocks in the sidebar? I’ve looked all over but can’t find that code. I’d prefer to have the “Pages” block listed at the top, followed by the rollover menu with “posts, comments, meta”, followed by the search. I’d like to eliminate the tags and meta blocks from the list.


  • barney373 says:

    Many thanks for your theme. It helps greatly to organise content. The page is divided nicely into rows for previous posts, is it possible to divide this into different categories? Does this make sense? My example is

    thanks again. barney

  • How can i change top navigation menu colors. I cannot change via CSS:

    ul.sf-menu {background-color:#192637}

    no effect!

  • Kathryn Twinfeathers says:

    I’m loving the versatility of this theme. I can’t seem to find where I can edit the “Home” page/link. Help. I’m also not able to see the photos I upload on different pages in the preview, even though they show up on the edit.

  • Ted Kaiser says:


    In the default widget setup, there are no widgets in the sidebar. In this case, you’ve coded the theme to then show the default Tabbed Sidebar Widget and some other widgets below. Below the Tabbed Sidebar Widget, there is the Search widget and the Calendar widget. However, in the default case, these 2 widgets are styled without titles. I’d like to arrange some specific widgets and have them styled without a title. I’ve tried leaving the title blank or using a space, but when I put specific widgets in the sidebars, they still appear styled with a title. How can I suppress the titles completely as you’ve done with the default setup?

    Thanks, great theme, I really like it, especially the various flexible layout options and the ease of controlling theme options in the admin interface!

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  • In this article, you provide the right way how to use sidebar thanks for this.

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