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Parent, Child 1 and Child2.

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  • yvonne says:

    1) How do you get a page like this? With the little folder icon, and the 3 child links there??

    2) Also I can’t seem to get my main menu up top to display child tabs. I want my site to have the menu made up of Pages and their child-pages upon hovering, but it only takes my pages and puts them all on top level.(For now I have used categories instead).
    I can’t find anywhere in the admin panel to specify the children, even though the pages were already created in the database tabbed as ‘children’.

    • itx says:

      1. It’s a post with 3 categories: child 1, child 2, and child 3.

      2. are you using wordpress 3.0? use wordpress nav menu, if not use Calotropis menu and set to display all pages that you like.

  • Joseba says:


    actually I am running the Calotropis 1.2.4

    can I update the word press to 3.0.1 version ?

    I am waiting for your response


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