In Calotropis 1.4 you’ll find these new features:

Supports to Greg’s High Performance SEO Plugin.
For SEO enthusiast, this is a very good news. Legacy SEO plugins somehow easier to implement, but needs more server resources . They use preg_match and hundreds of lines of code just to replace the main title.
In the other way, GHP SEO which is lighter in the sense of server and arguably better in the sense of customization needs a hard-coded script. Calotropis theme make GHP SEO installment easy. No need hard-coding, because it’s already hard-coded. Just enjoy it.

Different types of author meta.
Now, you can select what types of author meta to be displayed. with link or without link .. something like that

easy hide/show “allowed tags”, “post trackback link” and “post comment feed link”.
A lot of people asking about how to remove this and that, so i include this.

Removing timthumb.
Some say that timthumb is insecure. And i think, too much little our user using this functionality, so it’s a good idea to remove the script. Images with direct URL will be resized in browser, not by timthumb script.

Child Theme
With this new version you can make a child theme without messing up the original settings. To get familiar with Child Theme, you can start reading from here:

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