In Calotropis 1.4 you’ll find these new features:

Supports to Greg’s High Performance SEO Plugin.
For SEO enthusiast, this is a very good news. Legacy SEO plugins somehow easier to implement, but needs more server resources . They use preg_match and hundreds of lines of code just to replace the main title.
In the other way, GHP SEO which is lighter in the sense of server and arguably better in the sense of customization needs a hard-coded script. Calotropis theme make GHP SEO installment easy. No need hard-coding, because it’s already hard-coded. Just enjoy it.

Different types of author meta.
Now, you can select what types of author meta to be displayed. with link or without link .. something like that

easy hide/show “allowed tags”, “post trackback link” and “post comment feed link”.
A lot of people asking about how to remove this and that, so i include this.

Removing timthumb.
Some say that timthumb is insecure. And i think, too much little our user using this functionality, so it’s a good idea to remove the script. Images with direct URL will be resized in browser, not by timthumb script.

Child Theme
With this new version you can make a child theme without messing up the original settings. To get familiar with Child Theme, you can start reading from here:

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  • Rinaldo says:

    I’ve tried to updgade my test site and I lost all my settings. May be? Isn’t a big trouble. What’s a workaround for saving settings.
    Sorry for my bad english.

    • Rinaldo says:

      By the way, I upgraded to 1.4 aboout 2 months ago and it’is all rigth.
      The look is very nice too.

  • ian diddams says:

    what would the hex value for the colour “baby blue” provided as a theme colour in calotropis please?

  • Rouberval says:

    Por enquanto nada a reclamar! O Calotropis é excelente tema… Se encaixa direitinho com minhas necessidades.

  • Rung says:

    What happen my web site has 2 picture. a one thumnail and one picture. I want to display 1 thumnail only.
    Please tell me about correction this.

    Thank you .I’m speak thai.

  • Rouberval says:

    Essas perguntas devem ser feitas no Forum. Visitem a página…

  • How can I change the link color on my web-site. URLs are showing up as red on the page prior to the hover color showing.

    Thanks for addressing.

  • FORUM MUSLIM says:

    Thema Calotropis sangat bagus dan telah saya aplikasikan di website saya
    terima kasih

  • Kat says:

    Hi! Thank you for a great theme! I updated to version 1.5.2 but cannot change any of the widgets on my site now. Is there a new update coming out soon to fix this? Thank you!

  • thank you for sharing, it is good.

  • tods says:

    thanks for your answer. i’ll see what i can do and what are the outcomes.

  • tods vendita says:

    For a problem that was addressed by another user. In the front page (of enfoquehispano dot com) there’s a bar on top of the title of the feature.

    The title, instead of starting at a new line, starts immediately after the end of the bar.

    I tried to change the width of the bar.

  • Velia Pola says:

    I would like to know how to apply the sky color scheme. I pasted the CSS of the sky.css into the Calotropis/style.css file and it changed all but the sidebar–so now how should I change the sidebar? Also, the paste made my home page disappear so I think there must be a different way to apply the CSS? Do I need to make a child theme? Lastly, the header is a mess after trying to upload my own logo–I have the Calotropis logo over my own and I also need to change the header background to white. Sorry for all the questions! I have been Googling for info but can’t find any. I have just given up on Headway and all its false promises and LOVE Calotropis layout options! Please advise. Thank you.

  • Velia Pola says:

    Ooops, forgot to give you the address of my test site: htpp://

    Thank you!

  • Asics Tiger says:

    This is such a very nice idea! Having whiskies and other drinks come in small bottles. We get to taste the whisky first before we decide to buy. If we don’t like the taste then we won’t buy it. No waste of money.

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