Calotropis theme version 1.2.7 is now live. It includes many bugfix from previous version.

What’s new in Calotropis 1.2.7 from 1.2.4:

– Adding comment_form() functionality.
– Fixing wrong page count in page navigation.
– Eliminating navigation bar where there’s no menu displayed
– Fixing margin leftover in Inner Top widget area when there’s no widget there.
– Fixing tabbed sidebar only displays default item.
– Fixing submenu hidden underneath content in IE 6 and IE 7.
– Fixing issue with the javascript code and Opera browser
– Modifying search page.

As this version launched, i wont’ answer any question in this site because the posts and comments seems a bit crowded. You can comment but i won’t answer.

To get answer please go to our forum. You can ask things and sharing mainly about my themes or about wordpress in general.

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  • julie182 says:

    If I use the IE7 it will be error, but use another browser like safari it will be fine. Please check it.

    • itx says:

      thanks for the report.

      Apparently a bugfix leads to other bug and i did’t do double check.

  • mantap mas, ini saya lagi coba update :D, Thanks

  • mas saya coba menghilangkan “You may use these HTML tags and attributes: ….” di comments.php ngak bisa ya, gimana caranya mas? thanks.

  • Dario says:

    bug report:
    -tabbed sidebar only displays default item on firefox 3.6.8, works fine with IE8

    thank You

  • Michele says:

    Ok, the new update did create some type of “bug?”. In IE (so far testing in versions 6 & 8), some users cannot click links within the pages. Cache and cookies were cleared and still nothing. Worked great in Firefox.

    Finally found the “fix”. You have to go to developer tools and make sure ‘Browser mode’ is sitting at IE8. If it is at IE7, the links do NOT work.

    The only real issue I have now is IE 6 does not have developer tools. Suggestions for those dinosaurs out there that have not (and don’t want to ) update there IE??

  • April says:

    I recently started using your theme and love it so far. My one problem is that none of my posts have a date. I think they used to have one but it seems to have disappeared. What happened to the date? I’d like it in the top right-hand corner of each post.

  • mau nanya mas, kenapa ya tiba2 tabbed sidebar di blog saya berjejer kebawah dan tidak bisa rapi ke samping, mohon bantuannya, thanks.

  • Dave says:

    Does anyone know how to modify the Navigation Menu Tab colors, or can I use an image for the Navigation menu tabs instead? How do I edit that? Great theme…thanks!

  • Joseph says:


    I appreciate that you want to keep the link and name Caloptropis at the footer. It is after all free.

    Could I pay you a fee so that I am entitled to remove it and use only with domains I own?

    Look forward to your reply

  • yajian says:

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