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You can download Calotropis 1.2.5 from googlecode repository. It’s not yet available in wordpress theme directory due to backlog in the reviewing which take days or weeks. Currently 1.2.4 is waiting to be reviewed and 1.2.3 is live in the theme directory.

What’s new in Calotropis 1.2.5:
– Fixing tabbed sidebar only displays default item.
– Fixing submenu hidden uderneath content in IE 6 and IE 7.
– Fixing issue with the javascript code and Opera browser

What’s new in Calotropis 1.2.4
– Adding inner top and inner bottom widget area in static home page.
– Eliminating “Call to undefined function is_multisite()” warning in the footer area for WP pre 3.0 installation.

Default Tabbed Sidebar Widget

For WP before 3.0 users, Β it’s very important Β to upgrade your Calotropis theme because 1.2.3’s bug.

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  • Sudah berhasil mas, saya delete yg themenya dari ftp dan install ulang lagi calotropis 1.2.5 dari dashboard. πŸ™‚
    Terimakasih, Sukses selalu.

  • mau nanya lagi mas itx: Kategori di Front page pada sebagian postingan pertamanya ada muncul seperti ini ;
    function getSelText(){
    var txt=”;
    } else if(document.getSelection){
    } else if(document.selection){
    } else return 0;


    apanya yang masalah itu mas dan cara memperbaikinya bagaimana ?

    • itx says:

      Sepertinya ada javascript yg ikut keluar di excerpt.
      Sepertinya itu digenerate oleh suatu plugin.

      cara ngilangin (pilih salah satu):
      1. disable plugin tsb.
      2. batasi excerpt sehingga tidak begitu panjang.
      3. edit plugin tsb shg tidak mengeluarkan kode di excerpt.

    • Berhasil mas, saya pilih mengurangi excerpt dan membuat batas readmore di postingan tidak terlalu pendek. Terimakasih mas.

  • Jeremy says:

    GREAT theme! I appreciate it. πŸ™‚

    Where can I change the height of the header? Also, is there a way to make a border just to the left and right sides of the body and sidebar? Should I just create a background that has a 1000 px wide border and repeat vertically?

    Thanks a ton for your help, and thanks again for a great theme!



  • finid says:

    Thanks for keeping this theme updated. One request, if you don’t mind: When you update the theme, could you list the files that were modified, that is, that are different from the last update. Reason is so those who have modified the theme may know what file to overwrite.

    You can see from my site,, that the theme has been heavily modified. If I do an automatic upgrade, it will wipe out every modification I’ve ever made.


  • cristobal says:

    hi, thanks for this theme. is great

    i want to know why can’t i use images from “url links” that i use en the post for the thumnbail in the home’s page.

    please let me know this issue.

    • itx says:

      it’s wordpress issue. wordpress won’t let us use image from an url as post-thumbnail/featured image

  • John says:

    This is a really cool theme, thank you! One question I have is about the search box. Is it possible to make the “Search here ….” font size smaller? It’s really big and bold. It would be nice if it were smaller. Thanks again.

  • John says:

    Oh, also, if the first or two words of a story are short, then they’ll appear on the same horizontal level as the date and # of comments on the front page. This is for the excerpts (not the feature) that do no have thumbnails.

  • nic says:

    Great theme! I was wondering if you could tell me where to change the font colour in the navigation bar? thanks πŸ™‚

  • Hi there

    I have just installed this theme and it is amazing, but i just have one issue and that is the images for the thumbnails are been cropped instead of been resized.I have tried messing around with the media setting but nothing is working. Please can you take alook at the website and tell me how to get rid of the problem. You will notice more on the posts about books.


  • Sorry about that i have just changed the website as i’m using your layout please look again and advise.

    • itx says:

      calotropis behave like that. it’s resized until no blank space seen.

      please go to Calotropis Theme Options > Front Page > Post Thumbnail and set a better proportion for your images

  • Is there no fix where by the thumbnail is resized and shrunk to fit the box and also the theme seems to be distorting the thumbnail can you stop this??

    • itx says:

      1. it would be a very difficult fix.

      2. your images are too small. the fix is very easy, use a bigger images or set the thumbnail/featured images size smaller

  • I mean it is blowing it up in size??

  • Mike says:

    Hello, this is a great theme. I have one question, how do I go about removing the RSS, Facebook, and Twitter icons out of the header?

  • Mike says:

    I see no such thing in header.php

  • sun says:

    1.How can I find the ?
    I cant find in header.php

    2.How can I add the js in header.php?

    • itx says:

      it’s in the root directory of calotropis theme, most of us will find it in wp-content/themes/calotropis.

  • Mike says:

    Hi itx, love your theme, congratulations. I have a couple of requests:
    a) make it buddypress compatible
    b) make the text for the footer editable in the calotropis theme options
    c) the tabbed sidebar widget should show a pointer when the mouse is pointing at one of the menus (it shows the “I” instead)

  • Mike says:

    Hello, I have come across another issue. My website is a guild website and as such we like to post which memebers get which items as rewards.

    In the post editor, I put the rewards on seperate lines but on the main page it shows as one line. How do I get this on seperate lines?

  • Mike says:

    May I suggest Flexible Width be customizable like the fixed width is?

  • Mike says:

    The fixed width, we can put what width we want for the layout. The flexible width is at a constant 100% without a way to change it in the options. I am suggesting adding a text area to change the flexible width.

  • andi says:

    Dear Team!

    The theme of Yours is very nice, help me a lot in my job.

    And I use it to press my articles easily, that will be from today my main business (I am a psychologiest, so kind of) page.

    * I would like to create a menu thatshows the articles of the recent category, the category of the post I am.
    Would You be so kind to help me in that?
    Thank You:-)
    * I would like to add new posts, but I dont want them to be seen on the frontpage. Can I do that somehow?

    Thank You very much for Your answer!

    (( My page is now at ))

  • Dear everybody,
    can anybody tell me how to change the background color of the dark-styled Calotropis theme? I’ve been desperately trying to find the color code. No result.

    thanks in advance

  • lawn dresses says:

    i use this theme already and its realy look too good for me. the most thing i like is changing colours. i love that

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