It’s been 13 days since Calotropis 1.2.4 uploaded in wordpress theme directory. There’s no sign it will be reviewed soon because it’s in 45th place in the reviewing qeueue. When first uploaded, it’s in about 110th place.  Expect it in one or two weeks to be shown in the WordPress Theme Directory.

It seems the queue there is getting longer and longer, because the review rate is slower than new themes uploaded each day. I think they’re lack of  human resources.

For you who want to be up to date, always checkout calotropis googlecode repository for the latest version (currently 1.2.5).

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  • smoga cepat diterima calotropisnya :-).

    Mas itx, kalo kita mau bikin Topup atau ‘Back to Top’ di footer dgn kode seperti ini: Back to top ngak bisa bekerja/ngak aktif kode tsb, gimana caranya supaya aktif mas?

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