After a very long wait, 3 weeks long, only to get Calotropis 1.2.4 to be reviewed, finally you can get Calotropis 1.2.4 from WordPress Theme Directory.

Calotropis 1.2.4 released mainly for bugfix for WP before 3.0 users. Eliminating “Call to undefined function is_multisite()” warning.

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  • Mathew says:

    Hi ITX – i’m just wondering how to remove the bar at the top of the page where the menu goes, i have made everythng transparent however the bar remains, you can see my site for an example

    • itx says:

      I’ll fix that issue for the next release (after 1.2.5)

      for now, please add this to style.css

  • Great theme!! Really like the posts layout on the front page.

    Your theme will be featured as our free theme of the day on August 23rd.


  • luis says:

    Where can I see a live demo?

    • itx says:

      1. googling with this query: You can see about 200 sites using calotropis.

      2. click on those who ask some questions here. They’re calotropis users.

      3. Here’s another good example:

  • Phil Hayes says:

    This theme is great; easy install, thumbnails worked great, clean magazine theme, love it!

    Several questions…

    1) What is the code that needs to be added in Editor (and to what file) so a post page will show author information?

    2)How do we increase/decrease CERTAIN fonts without doing so to all? (IE body or Post Title)

    • itx says:

      1. go to includees/template.php find a function called itx_single_content() then add :

      2. You got to have a good understanding about css. Add a specific declaration which define font size for a specific block in style.css

  • Sandeep says:

    Very nice theme. Very impressive

  • Rudolf says:

    This Theme actually works better with eShop than the so called specialized wpec themes!!!

    Only a minor issue i have not come around to get perfect so far, i use a own header image and set it
    As width as wrapper width (100%)
    yet, that is not what i get, since it is aligned left and i use 1024 width as src reso – while the image is actually over 1300px in width, it leaves a right side marging of about 20px or so balnk, how can i fix that??

  • Rudolf says:

    oh, found it, in the header.php file, width in percentage was set to be only 98%!!!!

  • Rudolf says:

    and now to a final question:

    I would like to find a way to remove the overlays over the blog entries thumbs e.g. date and comments and white background.

    Was already looking around a good number of files, nothing in css, not sure about php files, or is it the .js file i found somewhere (but have no clue about it so far).

    What file what section would i have to attend to do this??????

  • Rudolf says:

    I’d really really love to remove everything that has
    posts dates and the comments icon and comments number

    also and especially those layovers at the blogs main entries.

    How can i do this??

  • Rudolf says:

    .. and eventually, i can NOT figure out how i could add a little text introduction on top of the featured posts at the main page – because there is no actual main page / blog that could be edited, how do i do this??

  • Gabriel says:

    This is a superior theme, above anything else, both in esthetics and funcionality. Unlike others it allows to include a lot of information in the upper side of the homepage, etc. Thank you for making it available and free.
    Calotropis comes with four possible structures as far as the sidebars (or columns) go.
    Would it be possible to have the following configuration: a narrow sidebar in the left; a wide sidebar in the right under which there could be two narrow sidebars?
    I hope so.
    Thank you again,

    pd: I second Rudolf’s question (the first) about changing the overlay on top of the title. It pushes the title to the right; I’d like to remove the number of comments if possible.

    • itx says:

      the narrow and wide sidebars isn’t easy to tweak. I spend lots of hours to make all looks okay. I can’t add the code for that configuration (narrow in left and wide in the right) in the near future, but maybe in the far future. Fortunately, there are two other themes I made : Albizia Theme and Bombax Theme : who can use different sidebar width in left and right. They’re awaiting approval by wordpress theme reviewer team.

      There will be an option to not show the comment count and other meta in the next major release. For now, please add this to style.css to remove the metas.

      #main .post .meta {display:none;}

  • Hi Gabriel, i have figured it out myself, or as itx put it, it’s all within the right spot of the right style sheet and it’s simply the short piece

    As you can see on my test site
    both are gone, overlay date and number of comments
    The tricky thing is that these are located in 2 different style sheets – and neither is visible in the WP Editor area, wonder why not??

    Anyway, you have to use an actual download version of the Theme on your own pc and go into the CSS folder.
    First you head into the color scheme Folder, in my case that was
    where you have the apricot.css file.
    Open it and scroll a bit down to the section
    where these two positions have to look like this
    .post .meta{display:none;}
    .post .meta a{display:none;}

    (at the bottom of this section i also changed this
    #extrastuff a {display:none;}
    #extrastuff a:hover {display:none;}
    (not related to the META issue, but i did not want this to be displayed as well)

    Save into a new “backup” folder – so you keep the orig intact – and upload this file to your Theme online via FTP.

    You’ll notice that some of it is gone but not all.
    For the rest you go back to the main folder of the Theme
    and find
    Same section
    you find this single line to change
    .post .time{display:none;}
    Voila, safe into a backup folder and upöload too and the overlay is history until further chnages.

    On this note i’d like to ask itx;
    which lines do i have to
    to completely remove all signs of the comments options, including “Comments are closed” notices??
    (i want to make this Theme look as un-WP-like as i can, not that i do not like WP, i love it, but for this particular purpose i just want it to be a store with no distractions, simplistic…)

    • itx says:

      actually you don’t have to dig into the different css files. just add the declaration in usual style.css, but add more specificity to the declaration, or you can add !important.

      for example you can add this :

      #main #extrastuff a {display:none;}


      #extrastuff a {display:none!important;}

      to hide comments are close would be :

      .nocomments {display:none;}

  • itx,
    thanks for that tip, just implemented it – only one problemo –
    it keeps on showing up also in the categories and sub-categories pages, where i don’t need that.

    Is the main page
    home.php or index.php??
    (and only the main page?)
    If there is one php file for only the main page i should – theoretically be able to put some HTML in there to achive the above, just where exactly??

    • itx says:

      The main page is handled by “home.php”, categories page and archives handled by “archive.php”

  • Gabriel says:

    Thank you both. I’ll wait for the new themes, I am still creating another site.

    For a problem that was addressed by another user. In the front page (of enfoquehispano dot com) there’s a bar on top of the title of the feature.

    The title, instead of starting at a new line, starts immediately after the end of the bar.

    I tried to change the width of the bar, through the line:

    .featured .meta{width:450px;}

    from 450px to 600px (found that in with the help of my son), but couldn’t find the file where this line is at. Also that change wouldn’t help for wider screens. So I guess the best option is again, to create a new line after the bar and before the title (h3). Thank you again for your help!

    • itx says:

      the css file is rendered from php codes. there’s no actual file.
      so, the best method is to override the declaration on the css is to write a declaration which have more specificity to style.css file.

      to change the bar width please add this to your style.css :
      #main .featured .meta{width:600px;}

  • pierre says:

    I’ve uploaded the 1.2.4 version via wordpress itself though the downloading didn’t seem to work that well. But when i get back to my blog i had this message:

    <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" title="Beat Café Club latest post RSS" href="
    Fatal error: Call to undefined function itx_get_option() in /homez.346/beatcafe/www/WordPress/wp-content/themes/calotropis/header.php on line 6

    I don't know anything about programming so I really don't know what to do.
    Any idea what's going on

    • itx says:

      I guess some files are missing. you should delete all calotropis files then download again.

  • pierre says:

    (ps : I’m talking about the 1.2.4 version though it’s possible that the problem is coming from the version i was using before. As i said i thought the downloading was not working…)

  • pierre says:

    thanks for your answer. i’ll see what i can do and what are the outcomes.

  • Basil says:

    How can I change the color of a link to another page to blue instead of red? I feel quite intimidated by all the technical stuff above. A simple answer, please.


  • Runar R says:

    How do i change the height of the header? 🙂

  • ripon says:


    How can i add author page under



  • ripon says:

    To sum up. I have installed your excellent theme. But, when i gave the author link (by this code “”) in template.php file and upload my customized author.php file in theme\calotropis\ folder…. it seems the author link does not find this author.php page that i uploaded….. can u plz help me…. its very important for me to fix this problem…. eagerly waiting for your reply… tnx for creating nice theme….. best wishes…..

  • mansureeya says:

    Whenever i go to any page, there is a bar at the top with message [Category Archives: ….my category’s name…]. I need to know how to remove or hide this bar.

  • mansureeya says:

    Hi itx,

    I would like to have a menu item which acts only like a placeholder; meaning that by clicking any parent menu will not leading to any node (page, category, etc.). Except if by clicking the lowest child menu, then this will lead to the required node.

    The only thing it should do is open up the list of items which are underneath the parent menu, or underneath the sub-parent menu.

    I can’t manage to get this done, because every menu item requires a path, apparently. So, is there a way around??

    I’m using Calotropis 1.5.2 and my site is

    (note: this site is still under construction)

  • it should do is open up the list of items which are underneath the parent menu, or underneath the sub-parent menu

  • asfd says:
    it keeps on showing up also in the categories and sub-categories pages, where i don’t need that.

    Is the main page
    home.php or index.php??
    (and only the main page?)
    If there is one php file for only the main page i should – theoretically be able to put some HTML in there to achive the above, just where exactly??

  • asfd says:

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  • Red Bottoms says:

    css something like this Thx a lot, wonderful job!!

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