Calotropis 1.2.1 is ready to download from googlecode repository. It’s not available yet in WordPress Theme Directory (currently ver because the new system of Theme Review from WordPress. My other theme, Albizia Theme took about 15 days to be reviewed just to make me know that it’s not-accepted because some strict validation. Yes, the reviews are stricter now.

So, please expect Calotropis 1.2.1 to appears in the Theme Directory in one or two weeks – if it’s accepted. If not, please expect it in 1 month (with minor version upgrade of course) … ouch … But don’t worry you can always download the latest version before it’s accepted in Theme Directory by downloading from googlecode.

The New Features in Calotropis 1.2.1 are:

  1. Supporting WordPress Navigation Menu.
  2. Adding footer link to home site for wordpress multisite.

and few improvements:

  1. Renaming sidebar to widget area and adding description.
  2. Joining some CSS files into one (for better performance).
  3. Adding Tabbed Sidebar Widget as default widget.
  4. Using itx Tabbed Sidebar Widget v1.2.
  5. Adding warnings when resetting to default options.
  6. Minor changes in looks.


– Fixing missing first post in traditional and excerpt only style
– Some other bugs.

Download Calotropis 1.2.1

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  • ian says:

    How do I upgrade the existing installation/ Just install the files over the top?



    • itx says:

      yep. you can delete the old install then upload the new there. or you can simply overwrite em.

  • ian says:

    Ignore that last query!



  • Philippe says:

    your theme is really beautiful.
    I have just a little problem.
    I would like a static homepage without posts but with the caracteristics of frontpage.
    My site is with a page named home and a page named blog.
    The posts are on blog (without innertop and inner bottom). Home is a static page.
    Excuse me for my english, i’m french.
    Thanks for your answer

  • Philippe says:

    I may be poorly expressed,
    I want my home page displays blocks of information and my blog page displays my posts.
    With your theme, frontpage displays posts. It is regarded as the home page. How to configure frontpage (front.php) so it does not display posts and to receive bars innertop innerbottom on my homepage?
    I hope that is clearer now.

    • itx says:

      i think i know what you mean now.

      check your page.php file and add the two lines there inside contentwrap div.

      I’ll write that code in page.php in next release, so everyone’s happy 😀

  • Philippe says:

    Thanks for your quick answer,
    I’m going to try this

  • Litahni says:

    How do I get to the WordPress Dashboard on my website…I just put the theme up and it doesn’t appear to have an “admin” link like the other one I had did and I cannot figure out how to get to the Dashboard from the website. 🙂

    Thank you,

    • itx says:

      to go to your dashboard, you can go to address: yourblognamedotcom/wp-admin

      if you want the link to appear in your sidebar, simply add a widget called Meta.
      FYI: most of bloggers don’t want that meta/link to appear.

  • MANOJ JAIN says:

    I am trying wordpress at this moment. There are 2 issues:

    1. The theme is realy good but on home page it displays “blog posts”. I want to display “pages” as i will not be having blogs.

    2. I want to add some scripts to “index.php” of theme so that I can run a image corousel. But index.php is empty. where do I add java script.

    • itx says:

      1. that’s the way it is… in that case, write posts, not pages!

      2. in the header.php

    • MANOJ JAIN says:

      i added in header.php but it’s not working

    • itx says:

      you haven’t call the script.

    • MANOJ JAIN says:

      I have added entire script in header serction of header.php.
      You can see where script is working. I am planning to shift to wordpress and hence trying to use same script.

    • itx says:

      in isohelplinedotcom you can see there’s 2 section of the script. one in the header (the script it self), and one in the body (who calls your script).

      your script is on the header only and no calls to the script.

    • MANOJ JAIN says:

      The script is called in welcome page (which is also set as home page) I have only changed the location of image. Even if location is wrong it should run without showing image.

    • itx says:

      your javascript calls is commented automatically, so it won’t displayed.

      it’s wordpress issue, not calotropis issue. please google something like “javascript within a wordpress post”. i won’t explain it further.

    • MANOJ JAIN says:

      I apologies for taking your time for an issue not related to your work.
      Thanks for the time given by you.

  • Drake says:


    Calotropis 1.2.3 is really beautiful.
    I have tried the Navigation Menu.
    It seems that the text is not properly displayed with IE7: in fact it appears behind the contant (i.e. Front Page).



  • Jason says:

    The posts on the front page do not show the date or
    the author. Is it possible to show these for the posts on the front page?


  • Jason says:

    Sorry to seem like a noob, but can you tell me which function(s) in the template.php file I need to change?


  • yajian says:

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