What’s new in 1.1.1:

1. Favicon feature
You can set your desired favicon. If not set, default favicon used, as you can see here.
2. List-styles in widgetized area now have arrows.
For better looks ๐Ÿ™‚ .
3.ย adding some default widget.
Better looks when previewed inย wp-themes.com or other preview sites.


  1. Post-thumbail not cropping.
  2. Layout error in safari.
  3. Issues with WPMU when updating options.
  4. Wrong function calls.
  5. Some other bugs.


  1. Combining javascript into one file.
  2. Neating some looks.

As you can see, this site is currently using 1.1.1RC (until 1.1.1 released). ย You can download 1.1.1RC here. Please report any bugs.

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  • wholly yoga says:

    How do I get 1.1.1rc. I cannot get my site to display properly in any browser except firefox. It looks great in FF but IE is a complete mess

  • wholly yoga says:

    I get bad zip error when I try to upload through the WP theme interface. Has anyone else encountered problems with IE 8

  • wholly yoga says:

    could you take a look at this page and tell what might be going on with IE8

  • wholly yoga says:

    Looks like the theme conflicts with a plugin not sure which one yet

  • wholly yoga says:

    OK so I figured it out sing process of elimination. Your theme conflicts with the Next Gen Gallery. You may want to look into that since it is a very popular WP gallery plugin

    • itx says:

      wow. okay then, I’ll check it, and try do a fix.
      Please be patient, coz 1.1.1 is coming, and the fix would be in the release after 1.1.1.

    • itx says:

      straengly, I tried nextgen gallery, and put the gallery in sidebar widget or in a post. everything just okay. nothing’s wrong.

  • Hi. Nice theme. I want to change the header level fonts, but cannot find where to do it. Could you please indicate css or other files to change?

    • itx says:

      No need to alter the css or any other files. Please go to wp-admin > Appearance > Calotropis Theme Options > Header. Then scroll down until you see Blog Title font size and change it!

  • Free Blog says:

    saya coba unduh mas..
    wah smua yg pake malah bule ๐Ÿ˜€

    • itx says:

      hehe.. belom tentu mrk bule loh, cuma ngomongnya aja yg pake bhs Inggris ๐Ÿ˜€ …

  • itx, no I want to change the header LEVEL sizes and colors (H1, H2, …).

    • itx says:

      Actually you can add the declaration in usual file style.css.

      The only css declaration for heading (H1,H2, … )we can find in here: /calotropis/css/default.css but it’s only set the margin and padding, not the size or color. Their size using browser’s default style.

      so, the easiest way is to add your declaration in style.css.

  • whollyyoga says:

    I misspoke the problem plugin in is no nextgen gallery but photosmash a similar gallery plugin which uses elements from nextgen. I think it has something to do with how javascript is being loaded that is making IE8 burp and not display right

    • itx says:

      not really the javascript. it’s the CSS.
      coz we’re using the same thing: “jQuery UI Theme” but the theme is different.
      The easiest workaround here is not using one of them. Not using Calotropis or not using photosmash.

  • Blips says:

    Very nice theme I’m using it right now on http://ocsworkshop a brand new domain. I like to use it in a magazine style. Looks like this theme has all the options, have to figure out the layout a bit tough. Great job!

  • cidtux says:

    mas widget yang sebelah kanan atas dibawah search here itu namanya apa? yang ada tab comment post archive dll.. thnks..

    • itx says:

      Itu namanya Tabbed Sidebar Widget bawaannya Calotropis.
      Kalo sudah install Calotropis, tinggal masuk ke halaman widget trus masukin widget Tabbed Sidebar ke widget area yg disukai.

  • Hi. I am one of Calatropis user. I like its style.

    How I can place my logo with out changing the sea background?

    Do you accept little work like making images in the header for my jobs board.

    Thanks for answering.


    • itx says:

      1. logo & header bg … good thing. maybe for the next major release

      But there’s workaround with current release. Just put the header background as body background. Copy and Paste the url of the header background image to Calotropis Theme Options > Background > Image to put in the background.

      2. making images ..
      errrr.. i’m not a true graphic designer you know. the only thing i do is cropping images and putting some text there. No photoshop or something like that. So i’m not confident to do kind of jobs you offer.

  • ian says:

    ApologiesiofI have missed something obvious. I want to use the custom header option 1B) .. “Text (clickable) and Image Header (background)”

    I can upload my image for the header background, but where do i define my text?


    • itx says:

      the text is using your blog’s Title and Tagline.

      please go to wp-admin > Settings > General


  • ian says:

    I’ve got my wordpress based website in very rough draft up and running


    but have a couple of questions.

    1) as you can see, the post showing in the “main post”area to the left is NOT the most recent post.
    How do I make wordpress show the most recent post in that “main window”- I thought that is what it SHOULD do automatically? The post that is showing is not a sticky.

    2) the web address is framed forwarded… if you hover over any link on the page (a page link, or a post link for example) you will see that in the status bar it shows the real world url (eg http://nml.eu5.org/pcdr/?p=62). is there anyway toget them showing the pcdoctor-devizes.co.uk domain in it instead? (ie http://www.pcdoctor-devizes.co.uk/?p=62)



  • ian says:

    2) you mean, host the site and the domain by the same host? rather than seperate as at the moment?



    • itx says:

      yes. host the domain and install there.
      otherwise you need something like WordPress MultiSite or multiple domain handling which is rather advanced and complicated.

  • Stewart says:

    I love the theme but I am struggling with how to:

    1. Put the author and date of post under the heading of each post
    2. How to make the tabbed widget display the selections I choose and not the default
    3. How to change the fonts and linespacing – posts etc are a little compressed.

    That said I really like this theme – can you give me some pointers?

    • itx says:

      1. edit template.php within itx_single_content()

      2. it’s a bug fixed in 1.2.5

      3. go to calotropis theme options > Background > resize font size. but the size is for all font size. if you want to change specific font size, please add it to style.css

  • Stewart says:

    With reference to 1. above – although I can find where to put the code I have no idea what I need to add to show the Author and date of the post? Can you be more specific?

    Many thanks!

  • Charlotte says:

    I uploaded my favicon, but cannot get it to show. It still shows the blue “C.” How do I fix it?

  • yajian says:

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