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Featured post differs from other themes. It’s merely newest post or newest sticky post (if any). Featured post applied on the first page of all non singular page except ‘search’ page.

Singular page is page that display only an item and the comments (if any and allowed). We call them `single` page, `page` page and `attachment` page.

So, featured post displayed only on index page (home.php) and archive page (archive.php). Note that category page is an archive page.

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  • John Samples says:

    I love this template, but I can’t get it to work in Safari when I turn on the nav menu, and now that I’m looking at your page in Safari I see the same thing… when the nav menu is on, it is as though it creates a new column, and shifts everything else to the right so that the right edge of the nav menu becomes the left edge of everything else… I’ve spent hours changing font sizes and banner heights and either haven’t found the right ones or the problem is somewhere else. I would love some help because I want to use this template, but it looks awful on the iPad… and that’s my new life;-)

    • admin says:

      Thank you for your interest and report. I admit that i haven’t test it in Safari, sorry, my fault .
      I’ll release fix for the bug in the next version. Next week maybe.
      If you urge to fix it immediately, please add <div class="clear"></div> in the end of header.php.

  • finid says:

    Great plugin. Works well so far in Firefox. One question. How can I prevent it from expanding the featured image to fill up the featured image space. Doing that causes the image to be blurred. If I have an image of size 300×250, for example, I want it to show the exact size, and not expand it to fill up the space.

    Thanks for your response.

    Btw, the site I’m using it on is still under construction.

    • itx says:

      Unfortunately there’s no option to do that, hard-code maybe. On the other hand, you can set the size of the featured images in Calotropis theme options -> Front Page -> Post Thumbnails -> Featured Size.

      FYI there’s a bug that post-thumbnail not cropped to desired size. For example, featured image should be resized and cropped to 450×300, and thumbnail images 150×100. But that’s not happening, so a resized image based on default wp resize & cropping size.

      I will do the fix in the next release.

  • finid says:

    Works also in Chromium. Major CSS issues in Konqueror.

  • Hi, I am running this theme and using firefox and I love it. One problem I am having is sometimes an image that I have altered at picnik and put text on will not appear in the featured post front page, but will appear when you click on the blog post. This happened more than once. I resized the image and still it did not work. Then I put a plain image above it and it did work with the plain image. Do you have any idea what this could be? thank you!

    • Now i am simply having problems with all featured posts not showing on the front page with every new post I put up. The last one stuck today, but new ones are not going up. I am still running your old theme. Do you think this bug is fixed in the new one? Thanks.

    • itx says:

      Did you set the post-thumbnail? calotropis will try – just try – to find an image in your post, but not hardly try, because trying so hard means heavy burden for the server.

      If you do set the post-thumbnail you have to use regenerate thumbnails plugin because 1.1 bug’s not generating post thumbnail correctly.

  • Stephen says:

    Hi, great theme. I would like to ad an Adsence 468 x 60 banner to the header. Can you tell me step by step how to do this? Your help will be greatly appreciated.

  • Sensei says:

    This is the theme I have been looking for since I decided to blog last year.

    I have a problem though. I only have 4 recent posts and the front page will only show 3 of them although the most recent post shows in the recent posts widget.

    I actually had create a false post for the home page to display all four. How do I fix this?

    • itx says:

      Sorry. That’s a bug. I didn’t do double check.
      The bugs happens in traditional and excerpts only styles.

      I’ll do the fix for next release.

  • Kari says:

    hello! thank you so much for this AWESOME theme. for someone who is just starting out creating a webpage, the easy customizations are amazing!

    i have a couple questions. first i want to remove the social media buttons that appear in the header. is there a way i can remove them on my own?

    second, i would like to change the font color and size and link color.

    oh third, i love the tabbed sidebar widget, however, it will not let me change what content i want in there. it defaults to; posts, comments, meta

    thank you again for this awesome theme!!

    • itx says:

      1. go to Calotropis Theme Options > Links
      set the social Network empty.

      2. you have to add some declaration in style.css

      3. did you set the tabbed sidebar widget in wp-admin > appear ance > widgets ? you can set up to six individual contents.

  • Kari says:

    thanks so much for responding!!! i do have some follow up questions. i am sorry if these questions are because i’m novice. if there is a tutorial you could point me to, i will learn from that.

    1. i did those things, but i can not get rid of the rss…is there another place to delete this?

    2. i have tried to add additional code, but it doesn’t change. the only thing i’ve found work is adding a code for ‘new font’ but i have to add that html code to each post. i would like to change the default text font and color. is there a specific code that i need to add?

    3. yes i love all the widgets. i specifically mean the dropdown of the post/comments/meta widget. i would like to change the options however, after i change it, the site still shows up posts/comments/meta…

    thank you again!

    • itx says:

      1. not easily erasable now. the next major upgrade i will add the feature to delete it.
      for now, delete the RSS icon in header.php

      2. Try adding an id to make them more specific. for example to change the link color write this:
      #main a{color:blue;}

      3. A stupid bug. I did a stupid mistake when i update the theme. Please download Calotropis 1.2.5 to fix that…

  • Kari says:

    thanks so much!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • teleguru.in says:

    We have implemented Calotropis theme on our website http://blackhole.teleguru.in

    Now I want to add Google Analytics code before tag…..how to do that..

    please help

  • teleguru.in says:

    before HEAD end tag

    • itx says:

      Easy “head meta adding” is not yet implemented in calotropis.

      you have to add the code to header.php to do that.

  • Tschuss says:

    I’ve implemented your them on my website (still not published, Im migrating all the contests from old one).

    I’ve got two diferent kind of contet: news and documents. I prefer only news to apear on home page, but I don’t know how to filter the contests.

    Can I define the category or tag to filter the contests shown on home?

  • Tschuss says:

    Thx a lot, wonderful job!!

    (every day learning…)

  • Jordan Emery says:

    Is there a way to change the color of the “…Read The Rest” at the end of of information on posts on the home page?

  • Ed Terpening says:

    @itx – I was able to use #main .posts .entry a b{color:green;} to change the “Read the rest…” font color, but what about the title of the post? It also needs to stand out 🙂

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